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ICSE 2020
Wed 24 June - Thu 16 July 2020
Tue 7 Jul 2020 15:42 - 15:54 at Silla - A3-Code Summarization Chair(s): Shaohua Wang

Source code summarization aims to automatically generate concise summaries of source code in natural language texts, in order to help developers better understand and maintain source code. Traditional work generates a source code summary by utilizing information retrieval techniques, which select terms from original source code or adapt summaries of similar code snippets. Recent studies adopt Neural Machine Translation techniques and generate summaries from code snippets using encoder-decoder neural networks. The neural-based approaches prefer the high-frequency words in the corpus and have trouble with the low-frequency ones. In this paper, we propose a retrieval-based neural source code summarization approach where we enhance the neural model with the most similar code snippets retrieved from the training set. Our approach can take advantages of both neural and retrieval-based techniques. Specifically, we first train an attentional encoder-decoder model based on the code snippets and the summaries in the training set; Second, given one input code snippet for testing, we retrieve its two most similar code snippets in the training set from the aspects of syntax and semantics, respectively; Third, we encode the input and two retrieved code snippets, and predict the summary by fusing them during decoding. We conduct extensive experiments to evaluate our approach and the experimental results show that our proposed approach can improve the state-of-the-art methods.

Tue 7 Jul
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15:00 - 16:00: Paper Presentations - A3-Code Summarization at Silla
Chair(s): Shaohua WangNew Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
icse-2020-papers15:00 - 15:12
Profir-Petru PârțachiUniversity College London, Santanu Kumar DashUniversity College London, UK, Christoph TreudeThe University of Adelaide, Earl T. BarrUniversity College London, UK
Pre-print Media Attached File Attached
icse-2020-papers15:12 - 15:24
Juan ZhaiRutgers University, Xiangzhe XuNanjing University, Yu ShiPurdue University, Guanhong TaoPurdue University, Minxue PanNanjing University, Shiqing MaRutgers University, Lei XuNational Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Weifeng ZhangNanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Lin TanPurdue University, Xiangyu ZhangPurdue University
icse-2020-papers15:24 - 15:36
Son NguyenThe University of Texas at Dallas, Hung Phan, Trinh LeUniversity of Engineering and Technology, Tien N. NguyenUniversity of Texas at Dallas
icse-2020-New-Ideas-and-Emerging-Results15:36 - 15:42
Annie LouisUniversity of Edinburgh, Santanu Kumar DashUniversity College London, UK, Earl T. BarrUniversity College London, UK, Michael D. ErnstUniversity of Washington, USA, Charles SuttonGoogle Research
icse-2020-papers15:42 - 15:54
Jian ZhangBeihang University, Xu WangBeihang University, Hongyu ZhangUniversity of Newcastle, Australia, Hailong SunBeihang University, Xudong LiuBeihang University
icse-2020-New-Ideas-and-Emerging-Results15:54 - 16:00
Casey CasalnuovoUniversity of California at Davis, USA, Earl T. BarrUniversity College London, UK, Santanu Kumar DashUniversity College London, UK, Prem DevanbuUniversity of California, Emily MorganUniversity of California, Davis