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ICSE 2020
Wed 24 June - Thu 16 July 2020
Sat 11 Jul 2020 01:25 - 01:37 at Goguryeo - P29-Android and Web Testing Chair(s): Hironori Washizaki

Online mini games are lightweight game apps, typically implemented in JavaScript (JS), that run inside another host mobile app (such as WeChat, Baidu, and Alipay). These mini games do not need to be downloaded or upgraded through an app store, making it possible for one host mobile app to perform the aggregated services of many apps. Hundreds of millions of users play tens of thousands of mini games, which make a great profit, and consequently are popular targets of plagiarism. In cases of plagiarism, deeply obfuscated code cloned from the original code often embodies malicious code segments and copyright infringements, posing great challenges for existing plagiarism detection tools. To address these challenges, in this paper, we design and implement JSidentify, a hybrid framework to detect plagiarism among online mini games. JSidentify includes three techniques based on different levels of code abstraction. JSidentify applies the included techniques in the constructed priority list one by one to reduce overall detection time. Our evaluation results show that JSidentify outperforms other existing related state-of-the-art approaches and achieves the best precision and recall with affordable detection time when detecting plagiarism among online mini games and clones among general JS programs. Our deployment experience of JSidentify also shows that JSidentify is indispensable in the daily operations of online mini games in WeChat.

Sat 11 Jul
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01:05 - 02:05: Paper Presentations - P29-Android and Web Testing at Goguryeo
Chair(s): Hironori WashizakiWaseda University
icse-2020-papers01:05 - 01:17
George MathewNorth Carolina State University, Chris ParninNorth Carolina State University, Kathryn StoleeNorth Carolina State University
icse-2020-papers01:17 - 01:25
Rahulkrishna YandrapallyUniversity of British Columbia, Canada, Andrea StoccoUniversità della Svizzera italiana, Ali MesbahUniversity of British Columbia
icse-2020-Software-Engineering-in-Practice01:25 - 01:37
Qun XiaTencent Inc., Zhongzhu Zhouzhouzhzh8@mail2.sysu.edu.cn, Zhihao LiTencent Inc., Bin XuTencent Inc., Wei ZouTencent Inc., Zishun ChenTencent Inc., Huafeng MaTencent Inc., Gangqiang LiangTencent Inc., Haochuan LuFudan University, Shiyu GuoTencent Inc., Ting XiongTencent Inc., Yuetang DengTencent, Inc., Tao XiePeking University
icse-2020-papers01:37 - 01:49
Jieshan ChenAustralian National University, Chunyang ChenMonash University, Zhenchang XingAustralia National University, Xiwei XuData 61, Liming ZhuCSIRO's Data61 and UNSW, Guoqiang LiShanghai Jiao Tong University, Jinshui WangSchool of Information Science and Engineering, Fujian University of Technology, Fuzhou, China
Demonstrations01:49 - 01:52
Jian LiuEast China Normal University, Xusheng XiaoCase Western Reserve University, Lihua XuNew York University Shanghai, Liang DouEast China Normal University, Andy PodgurskiCase Western University
Demonstrations01:52 - 01:55
Muhammad Ali GulzarUniversity of California, Los Angeles, Madan MusuvathiMicrosoft Research, Miryung KimUniversity of California, Los Angeles