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ICSE 2020
Wed 24 June - Thu 16 July 2020
Wed 8 Jul 2020 01:29 - 01:35 at Baekje - P10-Stack Overflow Chair(s): Emerson Murphy-Hill

Closing a question on a community question answering forum such as Stack Overflow is a highly divisive event. On one hand, moderation is of crucial importance in maintaining the content quality indispensable for the future sustainability of the site. On the other hand, details about the closing reason might frequently appear blurred to the user, which leads to debates and occasional negative behavior in answers or comments. With the aim of helping the users compose good quality questions, we introduce a set of classifiers for the categorization of Stack Overflow posts prior to their actual submission. Our binary classifier is capable of predicting whether a question will be closed after posting with an accuracy of 71.87%. Additionally, in this study we propose the first multiclass classifier to estimate the exact reason of closing a question to an accuracy of 48.55%. Both classifiers are based on Gated Recurrent Units and trained solely on the pre-submission textual information of Stack Overflow posts.

Wed 8 Jul
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01:05 - 02:05: Paper Presentations - P10-Stack Overflow at Baekje
Chair(s): Emerson Murphy-HillGoogle
icse-2020-Journal-First01:05 - 01:13
Zhiyuan WanZhejiang University, Xin XiaMonash University, Ahmed E. HassanQueen's University
icse-2020-Journal-First01:13 - 01:21
Jiayuan ZhouQueen's University, Shaowei WangMississippi State University, Cor-Paul BezemerUniversity of Alberta, Canada, Ahmed E. HassanQueen's University
icse-2020-Journal-First01:21 - 01:29
Ahmad AbdellatifConcordia University, Khaled BadranConcordia University, Emad ShihabConcordia University
icse-2020-New-Ideas-and-Emerging-Results01:29 - 01:35
Laszlo TothUniversity of Szeged, Hungary, Balázs NagyUniversity of Szeged, Hungary, László VidácsUniversity of Szeged, Hungary, Tibor GyimóthyUniversity of Szeged, Hungary
icse-2020-papers01:35 - 01:47
Alex CummaudoDeakin University, Rajesh VasaDeakin University, Scott BarnettDeakin University, John GrundyMonash University, Mohamed AbdelrazekDeakin University