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ICSE 2020
Wed 24 June - Thu 16 July 2020

Many developers don’t understand how to, or recognize the need to develop accessible software. To address this, we have created five educational \emph{Accessibility Learning Labs} (ALL) using an experiential learning structure. Each of these labs addresses a foundational concept in computing accessibility and both inform participants about foundational concepts in creating accessible software, and also demonstrate the necessity of creating accessible software. The hosted labs provide a complete educational experience, containing materials such as lecture slides, activities, and quizzes.

We evaluated the labs in ten sections of a CS2 course at our university, with 276 students participating. Our primary findings include: I) The labs are an effective way to inform participants about foundational topics in creating accessible software II) The labs demonstrate the potential benefits of our proposed experiential learning format in motivating participants about the importance of creating accessible software III) We demonstrate that empathy-creating material can be a very important component in accessibility education. Created labs and project materials are publicly available on the project website: http://all.rit.edu