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ICSE 2020
Wed 24 June - Thu 16 July 2020

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Tim Menzies

Tim Menzies

North Carolina State University

… Full prof, ex-nurse,rocketman,taxi-driver,journalist (it all made sense at the time). …

Jordi Cabot

Jordi Cabot


… the rigorous use of software models and engineering principles in all software …

Ivan Pashchenko

Ivan Pashchenko

University of Trento

… and deployed it to all the gas stations of the company; developed and applied …

Events (104 results)

Occurrence Frequency and All Historical Failure Information Based Method for TCP in CI

ICSSP 2020 When: Sat 27 Jun 2020 08:15 - 08:30 People: Ying Shang, Qianyu Li, Yang Yang, Zheng Li

… for the first time. We also considered all historical information of each test case …

One Size Does Not Fit All: A Grounded Theory and Online Survey Study of Developer Preferences for Security Warning Types

Technical Papers When: Tue 7 Jul 2020 07:36 - 07:48 People: Anastasia Danilova, Alena Naiakshina, Matthew Smith

… is preferred over all others. The context in which the warnings are shown is also …

Rule-based Word Equation Solving

FormaliSE 2020 People: Joel D. Day, Mitja Kulczynski, Florin Manea, Dirk Nowotka, Danny Bøgsted Poulsen

all equations efficiently by itself, so our final approach integrates existing …

Global Software Engineering in the Age of GitHub and Zoom. How collaboration technologies and the mainstreaming of open source have changed global software engineering.

[Joint Event] - ICSSP/ICGSE When: Fri 26 Jun 2020 15:25 - 16:10 People: Jim Herbsleb

… important change of all is not just how we make software, but in the pervasive …

Attending Information (13 results)

Updates re Impact of Coronavirus

… ,

ICSE has decided to go all virtual for 2020. On behalf of the MSR 2020 …

Brief ICSE Virtual

… on these web pages. All times are listed in UTC; however, you can customize … ICSE be like?

First of all … a conference involves far more than listening to talks. It is all about informal …

Diversity and Inclusion Plan

… Society and ACM, and all of their conferences. Equity at its heart is about … welcomes all authors, regardless of nationality. If a presenting author of an accepted … to the goals of the IEEE Computer Society and all of its conferences. Equity at its …

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International Conference on Technical Debt 2020

… :

June 29: We have uploaded all presenter videos to a shared Google drive … requirements. A dedicated demo session will be part of the Tools track.

All … 2020. Submissions may not exceed the number of pages specified above (including all

15th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems

All topics related to engineering self-adaptive and self-managing systems … Artifact badge attached to their paper. All artifact papers will be presented … references (shorter papers are also acceptable if they provide all the necessary …

International Conference on Software and Systems Process

… …

General (8 results)

AST 2020 Homepage

… AST 2020 Welcome to the website of the AST 2020 conference. We are working hard to fill the website with all related information. Please check back soon! a3a16e28-6f2b-47c7-8788-870629333fa9 …

FormaliSE 2020 Homepage

… FormaliSE 2020 Welcome to the website of the FormaliSE 2020 conference. We are working hard to fill the website with all related information. Please check back soon! 5994bf0b-13d6-4519-a0d2-ca08675fe912 …

ICSSP 2020 Homepage

… ICSSP 2020 Welcome to the website of the ICSSP 2020 conference. We are working hard to fill the website with all related information. Please check back soon! …

Sponsorship Opportunities

… …