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ICSE 2020
Wed 24 June - Thu 16 July 2020

The need for mobile applications and mobile programming is increasing due to the continuous rise in the pervasiveness of mobile devices. Developers often refer to video programming tutorials to learn more about mobile programming topics. To find the right video to watch, developers typically skim over several videos, looking at their title, description, and video content in order to determine if they are relevant to their information needs. Unfortunately, the title and description do not always provide an accurate overview, and skimming over videos is time-consuming and can lead to missing important information. We propose a novel approach that locates and extracts the GUI screens showcased in a video tutorial, then selects and displays the most representative ones to provide a GUI-focused overview of the video. We believe this GUI-focused overview can be used by developers as an additional source of information for determining if a video contains the information they need or not. To evaluate our approach, we performed an empirical study on iOS and Android programming screencasts which investigates the accuracy of our automated GUI extraction. The results reveal that our approach can detect and extract GUI screens with an accuracy of 94%.

GUI-focused Overviews of Mobile Development Videos (Alahmadi_UIScreens.png)988KiB